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One of the scariest words you can hear from your veterinarian is “cancer.” Fortunately, early detection through blood work and physical screenings can lead to more favorable outcomes for pets that do contract cancer. Veterinary chemotherapy has advanced within the last several years, and McPherson Veterinary Services has the most progressive cancer therapies available. Treatment typically involves the surgical removal of tumors and chemotherapy treatments. The chemotherapy drugs slow the growth of tumors and kill the cancer cells. These drug therapies are administered intravenously over a long period of time and at low doses.

If you notice a change of behavior in your pet such as lethargy and loss of appetite, schedule an appointment for blood work and screening. While these symptoms do not always mean cancer, it could be another issue we could uncover through a physical examination and blood work. Our doctor has years of experience successfully diagnosing and treating dogs and cats with cancer. Let McPherson Veterinary Services help you manage your pet’s journey with cancer; we provide service to the Murfreesboro’s pet community and beyond.

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